„Ever since I began dancing with these people,
I have a new appreciation for Berlin“

„Even though I have to drive two hours to join in the dance each week, it is worth it“

„To have fun, it doesn’t matter where you come from,
what you do, how old you are or if you can dance well“

„When I dance I hear only the music,
see only my steps and I do not think of anything else“

In the „Stattpark Böcklerpark“ we dance over 200 Folk Dances from around the World. The repertoire includes the Balkans, Southeast Europe, Southwest Asia, as well as Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian Serbian, Macedonian, Greek Pontic, Thracian Turkish, and Kurdish dances. In other words; something for everyone!

Do not be afraid to join us, no experience is necessary to participate. We have some dances that are very simple and others that are more complex. We dance in the circle style which makes it very easy for beginners to follow. You will be having fun very quickly! If this appeals to you, then come join us! We welcome all new comers.

Every Thursday
19:00 to 20:15 Learn to dance! Introduction with explanations for newbies
20:15 to 22:30 Dancing!

You will be asked to spend a little amount for the expenses.

The dance initiative was founded 30 years ago by Hans Kesch. He created a wonderful and diverse anachronistic space. Even in a Metropolis like Berlin that’s pretty rare. The initiative is lively, especially since many experienced dancers help the stumbling newcomers: Thank you, Hans! Thanks to all who so lovingly explain the dances!

Translation: Lisa Cowden / John S. Pollock. Thank you, Lisa and John!